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2007 toyota estima. How do you change the rear indicator bulb?

i am having difficulty removing the light fitting from the vehicle.

How can i fix my toyota estima 3L?

My mechanic broke the radiator lid and i discovered it after a couple of weeks and found that air has got into the radiator. I replaced a new lid and its running now but the engine seems to rattled an ... more

fit timing belt ?

fit timing belt to Toyota lucida estima


Do you fill oil up under seat or bonnet of a '94 Toyota Estima?

Do you fill oil up under bonnet or seat of a '94 Toyota Estima?


toyota estima blows fuse?

Hi there my Toyota estima keeps blowing the 15amp fuse which supply's front and rear side light and dashboard the car runs fine in idle but the moment you put it in drive the fuse blows straight away ... more



how do i remove my propshaft on toyota lucida estima thanks

Where can I get a 1996 Toyota Estima ECU pinout Diagram?

Where online can I get a 1996 Diesel Toyota Estima ECU pinout Diagram to buy?

replace the bulb from inside toyota estima van?

How to access the bulb? or how to remove the cover to access the bulb from the light inside the van above the passenger door?