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e40 door lock code stops my zanussi from completing cycle?

every time I try to do my washing the machine starts but only lasts for a few seconds and shows door iock code e40 the machine model is zwf14581w

Display is not working ?

It seems to be a integral part of the mother board. How much would it cost to replace the board? Machine is a zanussi washing machine model ZWF14581W

how do i refix a door seal on my zanussi zwf14581w washing machine?

how do i fix a door seal on my zanussi zwf 14581w washing machine


how to fix zanussi zwf14581w?

my washing machine wont fill when on wash programe or spin just seems to make low humming noise but nothing else its a zannussi jetsystem 7kg


zanussi zwf14581w?

my washing machine zanussi zwf14581 will not start


washing machine has soap in drum after cycle?

zanussi zwf14581w still has soap foam in the drum after rinse cycle.


Zanussi ZWF14581W does not have carbon brushes?

My Zanussi Jetsystem 1400 7kg does not fill and the drum does not turn apart from with hand. Found this model does not have carbon brushes, what do I do?


My Zanussi ZWF14581W Smells, why is it doing this?

My Zanussi Washer ZWF14581W smells really bad. It seems to collect gunge in the seal at the front, why? I have never had a washer that done this before? It smells really bad????